Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Silly Bandz

The Free Silly Bandz rumor is very true! In this blog I will show you a site that gives their members Silly Bandz for free at sign up. What's better than Silly Bandz? Free Silly Bandz with no cost to you at all! In just a few shorts steps I will show you how to receive the item :)

 Step 1:
 Sign up HERE, and confirm your welcome email! It's a must to confirm your email, confirming your email will validate your account so they can ship the item to you. This offer is only for members in USA or UK, all other locations will not be able to receive Silly Bandz.

You will have the option to redeem your first prize with no hassle, or choose to complete offers/surveys for even more rewards or cash.
* To redeem for Free Silly Bandz, simply click the Spend Points tab~Then Low-Cost Rewards tab. This is where you will find a list of free rewards for first time sign up members, the Silly Bandz are the 15th item down.
* If you choose to complete offers for cash then you will need a paypal account to withdraw your cash, or you can request a check. For a free paypal account sign up HERE!

This is the most important step of them all, so pay close attention. After you have redeem your Silly Bandz for free~wait until they arrive and enjoy :)

Cheap Silly Bandz for Free!

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